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Be sure to discuss who on your team is bringing which items so that everyone can have a safe and comfortable experience at Relay For Life!

  • Sunscreen – SPF 15 or higher
  • Wide brimmed hats
  • Bug spray
  • Tent
  • Lawn chairs
  • Blankets and/or sleeping bags
  • Flashlights, camping light
  • Camera
  • Paper towels
  • Personal toiletries
  • Toilet paper (just in case)
  • Extra pair of shoes, socks and change of clothes
  • Sweaters/fleece in case of cool weather
  • Masking tape and scissors for tent decorations
  • Umbrella/rain gear
  • Campsite decorations and team outfits
  • Cards, games, reading materials, etc.
  • Cooler for drinks, snacks, etc. While food is provided at the event, you may wantto coordinate with your team and bring snacks to keep you going through the night
  • Money to purchase luminaries
  • Any funds that have not been turned in

What Not To Pack

Please remember that alcohol, smoking and open fires are not permitted at Relay.

  1. If you haven’t reached your fundraising goal, log in to your participant centre and start sending emails! Send emails to those friends and family who have yet to make a donation and tell them how soon the event is – they may just have forgotten to make a pledge and will appreciate the friendly reminder.
  1. Have you asked your employer if they have a matching gift program? They just might be able to double your efforts!
  1. Reach out through Facebook and Twitter. Social media can be an extremely effective tool in sharing your Relay experience with your network of friends and followers. Tell your friends and followers how you will be spending your Friday night and ask them to support your efforts. Don’t forget to use #WhyIRelay!

At Relay For Life, each participant and survivor receives a Relay t-shirt when they register, but many teams outfit themselves with costumes and décor beyond what’s provided. Here are some tips for adding a little extra team spirit to your Relay experience:

Champion a theme
Find out if your event has a specific theme and get creative! For example, if your event’s theme is “Around the World,” decorate your tent site like your favourite country or ask each teammate to bring a snack reflective of another culture.

Go big
Whether your event has a set theme or not, get creative and show your team spirit! Many Relay teams sport costumes and accessories while they lap the track, and adorn their tent site while they’re at it. Are you cancer fighting ninjas? Or, perhaps a beach theme speaks to you while you promote sun safety? Whatever you decide, you and your team are sure to enjoy showing off your collective creativity.

Be loud and proud
You don’t have to show up in costume to let your team’s presence be known! Consider coming up with a cool handshake to celebrate laps around the track, or short chant everyone can belt out at the top of each hour for motivation!

Team spirit can be shown in many ways, and whether you dress up or sing loud, know that each Relay team is bound together by the ultimate theme:  being proud cancer fighters.

Did you know…The reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren’t asked.

Take this 10-day challenge to reach (or exceed!) your minimum fundraising goal!

Day Activity Pledge Amount Total
Day 1 Pledge yourself. $10 $10
Day 2 Email an out-of-town relative, asking them to donate $10. $10 $20
Day 3 Ask a family member to pledge you $10. $10 $30
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $10. $10 $40
Day 5 Ask a co-worker to donate $10. $10 $50
Day 6 Ask someone from your place of worship, your gym or your social group for a pledge of $10. $10 $60
Day 7 Ask someone from your social media network to contribute $10. $10 $70
Day 8 Ask one of your closest friends to pledge you $10. $10 $80
Day 9 Ask 2 neighbors to donate $5.00 each. $10 $90
Day 10 Ask someone you’ve donated to for another cause to return the favour and donate $10. $10 $100
Grand Total Raised $100

*Whenever someone you for $10 or more online, they will receive a tax receipt instantly!

Did you know…The reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren’t asked.

Take this 7-day challenge to make a final fundraising push!

Day Activity Pledge Amount Total
Day 1 Pledge yourself. $20 $20
Day 2 Use your Participant Centre to email 10 out-of-town relatives, asking them to donate $10 each. $10 $100
Day 3 Ask 4 family members to pledge you $20 each. $20 $80
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50. $50 $50
Day 5 Ask 5 co-workers to donate $10 each. $10 $50
Day 6 Ask 5 people from your place of worship, your gym or your social group for a pledge of $10 each. $10 $50
Day 7 Ask 5 local friends to contribute $10 each. $10 $50
Grand Total Raised                $400

*Whenever someone you for $10 or more online, they will receive a tax receipt instantly!

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that one donor can have a real impact in the fight against cancer.

But, we want to show you the incredible impact that one more donor can make.

Last year, 44,171people participated in Relay For Lifein Ontario. The average online donation made to those participants was $47.27.

So, what if each participant found one more donor?

44,171participants X one donation of $47.27 = $2,087,963

One more donor. That’s all it would take. If each Relay participant asked one more friend, family member, colleague or neighbor for one more donation, we could raise more than $2 million!

The Power of One Donation

We also want to help give you some perspective on the impact of a single donation:

A donation of $35 will empower one cancer patient with the information they needto better understand their diagnosis and make informed decisions about their health.

A donation of $50 will provide transportation for one cancer patient to a life-saving treatment appointment, so that they can focus on getting well, not on how they will get to treatment.

A donation of $125 will connect one patient with a cancer survivor who has “been there,” providing compassion and emotional support from diagnosis through recovery.

A donation of $300 covers the cost of the cancer cells needed for one research project.

Ask one more friend, family member, colleague or neighbour to make a donation today, and help make an even greater impact on the lives of those living with cancer.

1. Ask, ask, ask!

People won’t say yes if you don’t ask them the question! We know it can be a bit intimidating, but the more you ask, the easier it gets. Who can you ask for donations? Everybody!! Ask your friends, family, social media contacts, neighbours, dentist, doctor, lawyer, personal trainer, hairstylist, florist, the owner of your favourite restaurant and so on.

2. Share your story!

People give to people. They are more likely to donate to someone they share a common interest with. Share why you Relay and let people know why the fight is so important to you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WhyIRelay when sharing your story on social media.

3. Set a goal

Setting a fundraising goal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate yourself and your donors to raise more money. The visible goal and progress meter on your personal fundraising page encourage your donors to help you be successful and also help them to feel part of that success. Set your goal to $100 to start, and make adjustments each time you reach your goal.

4. Make use of a hobby or talent

Maybe you bake, teach yoga, sew, cook, sing, dance…whatever it might be, offer an evening of entertainment or lesson to your friends, family or colleagues in exchange for a donation to your Relay team.

5. Matching gifts

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. They just might be able to double your efforts!

6. Pledge yourself

Put your money where your heart is and show your donors that you have invested in achieving your own goal. Motivate them to give by giving yourself.

7. Hold a pre-event fundraiser

Relay For Life is the main event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold team fundraisers leading up to event day! Invite supporters to a garage sale, community car wash, chili cook-off or golf tournament to help raise funds for your team. With endless event possibilities, the key is to be creative, organized and to have fun!

8. Show impact

Tell your potential donors where the money goes! They may be more likely to give if they understand how their donation will help in the fight against cancer.

9. Fundraise on Facebook and email

Did you know that you can raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society through Facebook? Download our Facebook app today and extend your fundraising efforts to your network of Facebook friends. Send and schedule Newsfeeds, update your profile picture with the Relay For Life logo, and keep your Facebook friends up to date on your fundraising progress.

Facebook is a great way to collect additional donations from family and friends near and far, but don’t forget to send personalized emails asking for a pledge. Research tells us that as many as 1 in 4 emails will result in a donation!

10. Don’t forget to say thank you!

The best way to make your donors feel good about pledging you at Relay is to thank them (and thank them again!!). Share a photo of you and your team on event night, post on their Facebook wall, and of course, say thanks in person if you get the chance. It’s the best way to make sure they donate again.