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  1. If you haven’t reached your fundraising goal, log in to your participant centre and start sending emails! Send emails to those friends and family who have yet to make a donation and tell them how soon the event is – they may just have forgotten to make a pledge and will appreciate the friendly reminder.
  1. Have you asked your employer if they have a matching gift program? They just might be able to double your efforts!
  1. Reach out through Facebook and Twitter. Social media can be an extremely effective tool in sharing your Relay experience with your network of friends and followers. Tell your friends and followers how you will be spending your Friday night and ask them to support your efforts. Don’t forget to use #WhyIRelay!

Did you know…The reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren’t asked.

Take this 10-day challenge to reach (or exceed!) your minimum fundraising goal!

Day Activity Pledge Amount Total
Day 1 Pledge yourself. $10 $10
Day 2 Email an out-of-town relative, asking them to donate $10. $10 $20
Day 3 Ask a family member to pledge you $10. $10 $30
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $10. $10 $40
Day 5 Ask a co-worker to donate $10. $10 $50
Day 6 Ask someone from your place of worship, your gym or your social group for a pledge of $10. $10 $60
Day 7 Ask someone from your social media network to contribute $10. $10 $70
Day 8 Ask one of your closest friends to pledge you $10. $10 $80
Day 9 Ask 2 neighbors to donate $5.00 each. $10 $90
Day 10 Ask someone you’ve donated to for another cause to return the favour and donate $10. $10 $100
Grand Total Raised $100

*Whenever someone you for $10 or more online, they will receive a tax receipt instantly!

Did you know…The reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren’t asked.

Take this 7-day challenge to make a final fundraising push!

Day Activity Pledge Amount Total
Day 1 Pledge yourself. $20 $20
Day 2 Use your Participant Centre to email 10 out-of-town relatives, asking them to donate $10 each. $10 $100
Day 3 Ask 4 family members to pledge you $20 each. $20 $80
Day 4 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50. $50 $50
Day 5 Ask 5 co-workers to donate $10 each. $10 $50
Day 6 Ask 5 people from your place of worship, your gym or your social group for a pledge of $10 each. $10 $50
Day 7 Ask 5 local friends to contribute $10 each. $10 $50
Grand Total Raised                $400

*Whenever someone you for $10 or more online, they will receive a tax receipt instantly!

1. Ask, ask, ask!

People won’t say yes if you don’t ask them the question! We know it can be a bit intimidating, but the more you ask, the easier it gets. Who can you ask for donations? Everybody!! Ask your friends, family, social media contacts, neighbours, dentist, doctor, lawyer, personal trainer, hairstylist, florist, the owner of your favourite restaurant and so on.

2. Share your story!

People give to people. They are more likely to donate to someone they share a common interest with. Share why you Relay and let people know why the fight is so important to you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WhyIRelay when sharing your story on social media.

3. Set a goal

Setting a fundraising goal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate yourself and your donors to raise more money. The visible goal and progress meter on your personal fundraising page encourage your donors to help you be successful and also help them to feel part of that success. Set your goal to $100 to start, and make adjustments each time you reach your goal.

4. Make use of a hobby or talent

Maybe you bake, teach yoga, sew, cook, sing, dance…whatever it might be, offer an evening of entertainment or lesson to your friends, family or colleagues in exchange for a donation to your Relay team.

5. Matching gifts

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. They just might be able to double your efforts!

6. Pledge yourself

Put your money where your heart is and show your donors that you have invested in achieving your own goal. Motivate them to give by giving yourself.

7. Hold a pre-event fundraiser

Relay For Life is the main event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold team fundraisers leading up to event day! Invite supporters to a garage sale, community car wash, chili cook-off or golf tournament to help raise funds for your team. With endless event possibilities, the key is to be creative, organized and to have fun!

8. Show impact

Tell your potential donors where the money goes! They may be more likely to give if they understand how their donation will help in the fight against cancer.

9. Fundraise on Facebook and email

Did you know that you can raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society through Facebook? Download our Facebook app today and extend your fundraising efforts to your network of Facebook friends. Send and schedule Newsfeeds, update your profile picture with the Relay For Life logo, and keep your Facebook friends up to date on your fundraising progress.

Facebook is a great way to collect additional donations from family and friends near and far, but don’t forget to send personalized emails asking for a pledge. Research tells us that as many as 1 in 4 emails will result in a donation!

10. Don’t forget to say thank you!

The best way to make your donors feel good about pledging you at Relay is to thank them (and thank them again!!). Share a photo of you and your team on event night, post on their Facebook wall, and of course, say thanks in person if you get the chance. It’s the best way to make sure they donate again.

By Johanne Roy

The biggest challenge for teams participating in the Relay For Life is certainly raising funds. Each year, we use our imagination and creativity to develop new and exciting ideas for our fundraising efforts. We have noticed that as a team, the easiest way to raise the most funds possible is to organize activities which different types of people can actively participate.

For the past several years, our main fundraising activity has been a fashion show where all the models were cancer survivors. With this type of activity, it has always been easy to sell tickets because it is a unique show that won’t be seen anywhere else.

This year, we also organized a curling tournament. One of the key tips we learned from this new event is that there is always an opportunity to fundraise at your fundraiser! We sold tickets for the event but then at lunch, we offered homemade soup for $5.

In the spring, we are planning a hockey pool. This activity usually sells very well because there are a lot of hockey fans in our community and of course, they like to see their teams win!

Our fundraising strategy continues to focus on team fundraising events and activities. With our engaged group of teammates, everyone is always willing to pitch in. We also find that our friends and family appreciate the fun activities we host – sometimes it doesn’t even feel like fundraising!

Rules and Regulations

  1. All registered 2014 Relay For Life participants in Ontario who raise $100 online by Wednesday, April 30, 2014 will be automatically entered into a draw to win 1 (one) of 3 (three) Apple iPads.
  2.  All qualified participants must have raised $100 online by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to be eligible for the draw. Cash donations recorded do not count toward the total. Only online donations will be calculated.
  3.  The three winners will be randomly drawn on Monday, May 5, 2014 and will be notified by phone or email by a Canadian Cancer Society representative. Winners must contact the Canadian Cancer Society to confirm their prize within 7 days of notification or the prize will be awarded to an alternate qualifying participant through random draw.
  4.  Upon contacting the Canadian Cancer Society, the winners must answer a skill testing question in order to claim the prize. The skill testing question is as follows: (3 x 4) + 2 + 7 = _______
  5.  Winners cannot trade in their prize for cash value of product. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and will be sent by courier to the home address provided.
  6.  Employees of the Canadian Cancer Society are not eligible to participate in the incentive.
  7.  Names of the winners will be listed in an email being deployed to all registered 2014 Relay For Life participants.
  8.  The Canadian Cancer Society has the right to use the name and/or photo of winners in future Relay For Life email communications or publications.

One of the best ways to kick off your personal fundraising efforts is to make a self-pledge. This small action can have a pretty big effect. Pledging yourself encourages your donors to give more!

Here are four reasons you should put your money where your heart is and pledge yourself at Relay.

#1 – Self-pledges get the ball rolling
When you pledge yourself, you are often the first person to make a gift in support of your participation in Relay.  When others visit your personal fundraising page and see that donations have already come in, it helps to create a sense of urgency and reassures your donors that your fundraising goal is well within reach.

#2 – Self-pledges make it clear you are committed
Making a personal donation shows that this is not only an event that you are looking forward to participating in, but it is also a cause you are passionate about. For your donors, that knowledge makes the gesture of donating to your efforts even more meaningful.

#3 – Self-pledges alleviate skepticism
If asked to make a donation to an event or organization they’re not familiar with, potential donors may have concerns or reservations. Is this donation form or website legitimate? Is it safe and secure to make a donation online? By seeing that a friend or family member supports the cause with not only their participation in the event, but also with their own money, that skepticism can be reduced.

#4 – Self-pledges suggest an acceptable donation amount
Potential donors can sometimes be unsure how much to give.  They may have limitations on what they are comfortable giving, but they also don’t want to give much less than others have. Once donors see what others have given, they become more comfortable and ready to donate, at an amount that is often more than what they would have considered otherwise!