By Jacinthe Guitard

Each year, we have a lot of fun decorating our Relay campsite. Since our theme is based on a true story, “The Blue Butterfly,” a film about healing and hope, it is very easy for us to find a multitude of decorations related to it.

BB campsite

To start, we made a big sign on which we wrote the word HOPE. Near this sign, we bring a tree and invite people to tie a message of hope for a loved one. After the Relay, all those messages are brought to our local church for the mass that is held the day after Relay. That tree is very significant as it represents the hope for cures. People are touched by it and find it a very good idea. Then, we attach balloons on our trailer and everywhere on our site. For the final touch, we add a huge quantity of butterflies all over our site. There is definitely creative talent among our team members since we have won first prize for best decorated site in the past!

We all proudly wear a baseball cap that we have decorated with butterflies and we each carry a net to catch butterflies when we do the lap around the track. We also play the theme song of the movie “Le Papillon Bleu” during our lap. When they introduce our team, we have tam-tams to make noise so that people take notice of our team. We want people to know who we are!