Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that one donor can have a real impact in the fight against cancer.

But, we want to show you the incredible impact that one more donor can make.

Last year, 44,171people participated in Relay For Lifein Ontario. The average online donation made to those participants was $47.27.

So, what if each participant found one more donor?

44,171participants X one donation of $47.27 = $2,087,963

One more donor. That’s all it would take. If each Relay participant asked one more friend, family member, colleague or neighbor for one more donation, we could raise more than $2 million!

The Power of One Donation

We also want to help give you some perspective on the impact of a single donation:

A donation of $35 will empower one cancer patient with the information they needto better understand their diagnosis and make informed decisions about their health.

A donation of $50 will provide transportation for one cancer patient to a life-saving treatment appointment, so that they can focus on getting well, not on how they will get to treatment.

A donation of $125 will connect one patient with a cancer survivor who has “been there,” providing compassion and emotional support from diagnosis through recovery.

A donation of $300 covers the cost of the cancer cells needed for one research project.

Ask one more friend, family member, colleague or neighbour to make a donation today, and help make an even greater impact on the lives of those living with cancer.