#WhyIRelay is a social media calling card for all things Relay. We encourage you to use the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to keep friends and followers up to date on your Relay journey.

What is a hashtag?

The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in your social media messages. It was created as a way to categorize messages. For Relay, it helps connect participants from across the country, and even the world, to grow and share our common goals and experiences.

When should I use the hashtag?

Anytime you mention your participation in Relay For Life, you should add #WhyIRelay! Add it when you’re:

  •          Asking for a donation
  •          Sharing your personal cancer story
  •          Thanking someone for a pledge
  •          Pinning a great team fundraising idea
  •          Posting photos from your event

Using the #WhyIRelay hashtag helps build a virtual community of cancer fighters, while reminding those in your social media circles why you choose to fight back through Relay For Life.