By Johanne Roy

The biggest challenge for teams participating in the Relay For Life is certainly raising funds. Each year, we use our imagination and creativity to develop new and exciting ideas for our fundraising efforts. We have noticed that as a team, the easiest way to raise the most funds possible is to organize activities which different types of people can actively participate.

For the past several years, our main fundraising activity has been a fashion show where all the models were cancer survivors. With this type of activity, it has always been easy to sell tickets because it is a unique show that won’t be seen anywhere else.

This year, we also organized a curling tournament. One of the key tips we learned from this new event is that there is always an opportunity to fundraise at your fundraiser! We sold tickets for the event but then at lunch, we offered homemade soup for $5.

In the spring, we are planning a hockey pool. This activity usually sells very well because there are a lot of hockey fans in our community and of course, they like to see their teams win!

Our fundraising strategy continues to focus on team fundraising events and activities. With our engaged group of teammates, everyone is always willing to pitch in. We also find that our friends and family appreciate the fun activities we host – sometimes it doesn’t even feel like fundraising!