Each Relay participant is responsible for raising at least $100, although the average participant raises more than double that! You can easily reach the $100 minimum online by following tips and strategies like these:

Ask 10 for 10
Start by using the tools in your Participant Centre to send 10 friends a link to your fundraising page and asking for $10. Why stop there? You can exceed this goal by emailing 10 co-workers and asking for $10, then 10 family members and so on. Think about the different circles of people in your life and you’ll reach and exceed your fundraising goal in no time.

Complete a 12 Hour Sponsor Card
This fun new card breaks down donation opportunities by the hour of the event and the values of each hour are up to you. Why not display an image of the sponsor card on Facebook page and let your friends choose which hour they
would like to sponsor you for?

Example: “Who wants to pledge me $10 and be my 10PM Hope Sponsor? Or how about $15 to be my 2 AM Coffee Sponsor? There are 12 hours to choose from- pledge me and I’ll walk the track that hour for you!”

Relay 12 Hour Sponsor Card-FINAL

Get Social Media Savvy
Social media can be an extremely effective tool for asking for a donation. Try a variety of asks to increase your chances of enticing your friends and followers to pledge you.

Use humour…

  • On Twitter at the office? You must be bored! Brighten up a dull day by donating to support me at Relay For Life! #byebyeboredom #hellocancerfighter (insert link to fundraising page)

Use our mission…

  • Schools have slowly begun to remove junk foods from their cafeterias and vending machines, replacing them with healthy snack options. With donations like yours, we can continue to support healthy eating initiatives! (insert link to fundraising page)

Use a challenge…

  • Did you know that the average Canadian spends approximately $1100 at coffee shops annually? Instead of heading to your local café, join me in bringing coffee from home this week and donate the extra money to Relay For Life! Every little bit counts! (insert link to fundraising page)