One of the best ways to kick off your personal fundraising efforts is to make a self-pledge. This small action can have a pretty big effect. Pledging yourself encourages your donors to give more!

Here are four reasons you should put your money where your heart is and pledge yourself at Relay.

#1 – Self-pledges get the ball rolling
When you pledge yourself, you are often the first person to make a gift in support of your participation in Relay.  When others visit your personal fundraising page and see that donations have already come in, it helps to create a sense of urgency and reassures your donors that your fundraising goal is well within reach.

#2 – Self-pledges make it clear you are committed
Making a personal donation shows that this is not only an event that you are looking forward to participating in, but it is also a cause you are passionate about. For your donors, that knowledge makes the gesture of donating to your efforts even more meaningful.

#3 – Self-pledges alleviate skepticism
If asked to make a donation to an event or organization they’re not familiar with, potential donors may have concerns or reservations. Is this donation form or website legitimate? Is it safe and secure to make a donation online? By seeing that a friend or family member supports the cause with not only their participation in the event, but also with their own money, that skepticism can be reduced.

#4 – Self-pledges suggest an acceptable donation amount
Potential donors can sometimes be unsure how much to give.  They may have limitations on what they are comfortable giving, but they also don’t want to give much less than others have. Once donors see what others have given, they become more comfortable and ready to donate, at an amount that is often more than what they would have considered otherwise!