Whether it’s asking new people to join your team or asking someone for a donation, these tips can help turn an ask into a YES!

Ask with POW!

Problem – Using “You…” statements, focus on the potential for impact for the problem we are trying to solve. Ex: “You see the impact our fundraising dollars have on the cancer community. You care about the fight for life. You’re someone who people rally behind.”

Opportunity- Use “What if…?” statements to create possibility. Connect to the potential benefits of solving the problem. Ex: “What if your involvement in Relay led to more funds raised for our transportation program, so no cancer patient has to worry about driving themselves to treatment?”

What- Compose a clear, direct question to ask for what you need from them.  Ex: “What can I do to get you to join my Relay team?”

Who Should You Ask??

When looking for teammates to fill your team, think about the different circles of people in your life.


Does your workplace have a social committee or an appetite for some friendly interoffice competition? Ask some of your colleagues to join your Relay team, and enjoy tracking your team’s success together.

 Friends and family – near and far

There’s no doubt that your team already consists of the people close to you, but why not ask friends and family who live out of town to join your team? You can keep tabs on your team’s success through your Participant Centre and motivate each other over email and social media. On event night, do laps in honour of your teammates cheering you on from a distance.

 Social or religious groups

There are groups of people in your life that you may connect with weekly, or even daily, who might jump at the chance to fight cancer with you. Consider asking members of a club you attend, someone from church or your spiritual community, or even your neighbours! Cancer is a disease that touches many, and if you make the ask you just might find yourself with teammates you never expected.