Congratulations on registering as a participant for Relay For Life! Whether you are part of a team of friends, family or co-workers,  you’re a part of a global movement against cancer, taking place in 21 countries worldwide, including over 500 communities across Canada.

So what’s next?  Stops along your Relay journey include telling your story to fundraise, setting and reaching your fundraising goals, and of course, enjoying the event itself!

Here’s some ways to get started:

Tell your story to fundraise
You should always share your story with your donors and let them know why you Relay. To prepare, keep in mind the following questions:

  • What motivated you to sign up for Relay?
  • Are you participating in honour or in memory of someone special?
  • What creative ways will your team be raising money?
  • How are you fighting back against cancer?
  • How can donors support your fundraising efforts? (i.e. give an online donation, participate in a team fundraiser, spread the word to potential donors)
  • How does the Canadian Cancer Society use donor dollars in the fight against cancer?

Set and reach fundraising goals
Each Relay participant is responsible for raising at least $100, although the average participant raises more than double that! You can easily reach the $100 minimum by asking 10 friends for $10. Why stop there? You can exceed this goal by asking 10 co-workers for $10, then 10 family members or 10 social media friends and so on. Think about the different circles of people in your life and you’ll reach and exceed your fundraising goal in no time.

Plan a team fundraiser
Team fundraising builds camaraderie and encourages team members to work together. Work with your team mates to hold a garage sale, plan a silent auction or host a community dog wash. With endless event possibilities, the key is to be creative, organized and to have fun!

Enjoy the night
Once you’re at Relay, be sure to:

  • Turn in any offline funds to your Team Captain
  • Attend opening ceremonies
  • Cheer for the survivors during the Survivors’ Victory Lap
  • Visit with your team
  • Consider purchasing luminaries if you haven’t already done so
  • Read the luminaries around the track
  • Visit the Fight Back Zone
  • Participate in all of the activities
  • Take turns walking around the track
  • Chat with other teams
  • Attend the closing ceremonies
  • Make a pledge to fight back against cancer all year long

Don’t forget to join your team for a team photo, and remember to give yourself a pat on the back for completing a successful Relay journey.