Congratulations on registering as a Team Captain for Relay For Life!

Teams are the heart of Relay, and every team brings its own special energy to the event.  As a Team Captain, it’s your role to get friends and family to join your team, set fundraising goals and motivate your team members to reach fundraising success!

Here are some ways to get started:

Recruit teammates

Start by sharing the reason you are motivated to fight back against cancer, and invite family, friends and co-workers to join your team.

Hold team meetings

Once you’ve compiled a team of cancer fighters (the average team is about 10 people), plan team meetings to:

  • Choose a team name and theme
  • Consider dedicating your team in honour or in memory of a loved one
  • Tell your Relay story and encourage your team members to do the same
  • Set team and individual fundraising goals and discuss ways you’ll reach them
  • Brainstorm potential team fundraising activities
  • Delegate tasks to your team members for event night, like collecting last minute funds, organizing tent décor and packing sleeping gear

Set fundraising goals

Each Relay participant is responsible for raising at least $100, although the average participant raises more than double that!  In addition to individual fundraising, participants typically work with their team to hold fundraising activities. If you and your team members add up your individual goals, plus the goal you’ve set for team fundraising, you will have your overall team goal. Goals give your team something to strive for and together, you can monitor progress and celebrate successes.

Coach and motivate

Motivation that hits close to home is always the most effective. Let your team know that their fundraising efforts will help fund the best cancer research in Canada and provide much-needed services for cancer patients in your community to motivate them to raise even more money!

A successful Team Captain is also an effective coach – someone who can provide the tools and knowledge to help their team members reach their goals. Outline easy ways your team can reach and exceed their $100 minimum goals, like asking ten friends for $10, or completing a Scratch & Give card.  More resources like the Team Captain and Participant handbooks, Fundraising Coaching Plan and Guide to Fundraising are available in your Online Participant Centre!

Plan team fundraisers

Team fundraising encourages team members to work together and builds camaraderie. Hold a garage sale, plan a silent auction or host a community dog wash. With endless event possibilities, the key is to be creative, organized and to have fun!

Attend Team Captain meetings

Find out all you need to know to submit offline funds and prepare for event day by attending Team Captain meetings or rallies held in your community. It’s a great way to get ideas, ask questions and meet fellow Relayers!

Enjoy the night

At Relay, gather your team to attend all of the key ceremonies and enjoy the activities and entertainment throughout the night. Don’t forget to organize your team for a team photo, and finally, thank your team members for all their hard work.  Remember to give yourself a pat on the back too for leading your team to success.