By David White

The Super Karate Monkeys are wrapping up our year as the Relay For Life Ambassador Team and what a year it was.

We welcomed a new teammate, Sarah, who brought more energy than any of us were prepared for. We were like a group of monkeys just after Thanksgiving dinner: stuffed, lethargic and our black belts fitting a little too snugly. Sarah came in like a hummingbird. She organized and instructed our new fundraiser, “Zumbady to Love.” Sarah is a shining example of the Power of One in action.

Energy is sometimes no match for experience though. Sarah brought a suitcase (yes, a suitcase) to our Relay that had everything in it except warm clothes. She promised that next year, she’ll leave the candelabra at home.

The team had another proud moment when Chris participated in the Survivor Victory Lap for her sixth straight year. She is undergoing chemotherapy again and continues to fight back every day.

Our garage sale was also a fantastic success thanks to Rose and her excellent hosting skills. Usually when I ask someone if I can fill their garage for months with another man’s treasure (leaving out the part about one man’s junk) and then completely overtake their house for one of the nicest weekends in the summer while untold numbers of strangers come by and wander aimlessly around, they politely decline. When I throw in the part about having to feed the team as well, they forcefully decline.  But, Rose has come through every year. We will be in a different location for 2014 though as Rose is renovating her house and while I have asked her to include a separate garage sale wing, she has politely declined.

Joyce and Alison also contributed in innumerable ways. Joyce is like a mammoth boulder perched atop a steep cliff. It takes a Herculean effort to get her moving but once you do it’s near impossible to get her to stop. Alison is always ready to help and is the most encouraging Monkey.

And what can I say about my co-captain Lucy that she hasn’t already said herself. I kid, I kid. Lucy is organization personified. She wields her spreadsheets like an artist’s paintbrush. I’d be tempted to call her MS. EXCEL-lent if I didn’t fear violent retaliation.

Our year as Ambassador Team was a wonderful and energizing experience. We crushed our previous fundraising record, raising a total amount of $11,948 and had so much fun doing it. Thank you to all our donors, supporters, and the Canadian Cancer Society for making this happen. Best wishes to next year’s Ambassador Team. I hope you have as much fun as we did!