Heather Raymond’s life was first touched by cancer when her grandparents died of the disease, but it was her mother’s passing from lung cancer in 2003 that sparked the motivation to take a more active role in the fight against cancer.

“I first attended the Relay For Life event in Windsor, but when I heard that the Canadian Cancer Society was looking to start a county event in Southshore, I was happy to be part of the committee.”

Participating in Relay For Life opened up Heather’s eyes to the impact we can make when we come together to fight cancer. As Chair of the Relay committee in Southshore, Ontario, she leads a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure a seamless, fun-filled day that leaves people with positive memories and hope.

“All of our committee members are just so passionate about making a difference – it’s like a second family. We really enjoy working together to make a difference,” comments Heather. “Even though I can’t have my mom back, I keep her memory alive at Relay For Life, raising awareness, fundraising, and inspiring others to join in the cancer fight.”

Heather’s efforts in the fight against cancer continue even after the Relay is finished.

“Cancer has no boundaries and now I am more observant of the things I can do to help decrease my risk of developing cancer. I try to exercise every day and I read food labels carefully,” Heather explains. “Every step we take in the cancer fight, at Relay For Life and in our day-to-day lives, makes a difference.”