Well, it has finally stopped snowing (I hope) and spring has sprung (I think)! That means Relay is just around the corner! The Monkeys still have one more fundraising event to go, but it’s time to start thinking about Relay day.

We know that at Relay we will celebrate, remember and fight back, but our event day experience takes some thought on our part. For me, it’s an amazing excuse to create another checklist and military schedule for my team.

Our theme – we are very simply Monkeys. We find everything possible that has to do with monkeys. Monkey masks, shirts, monkey stuffed animals…one year, my sister, Joyce, even brought a cake that had our logo on it (mmm, monkey cake).

For the past few years, we have been a part of the FUNdraising Club. Along with our own SKM sign, we proudly display our FUNdraising Club signs from over the years. This year, we plan to make things more personal and create a photo collage of ‘Why We Relay.

Creating a theme and considering how you can decorate your tent can really enhance your event experience. As a bonus, there may be prizes for Best Decorated Tent. While it may come in the form of a Relay high-five, the recognition is well worth it.

Over the next couple of weeks, your Relay event will probably distribute lots of helpful information – everything from “what to bring” to an “activity schedule.” Make sure everyone on your team knows what is happening on event day, because there are some amazing things planned. My team always rallies behind me when I challenge my 6 foot 4 inched cousin to our annual Sumo Wrestling match. Despite the fact that he is over double my size, I feel pretty great knowing that I can take him down! Now wouldn’t you be sad to know that you missed a great Dodgeball Tournament or that you could’ve been the next Relay Idol? 

Your Relay committees have worked tirelessly to showcase amazing talents and organize fun activities to help you enjoy the night. Being with my teammates overnight is what shapes my Relay. From walking the track together, to watching a great movie or trying to keep our wits about us playing Taboo at 4 a.m. – whatever it may be, the Monkeys and I have created wonderful memories. In fact, you might say, we have more fun than a barrel of . . . hmm, I forget the rest of the saying. 

Relay is only 12 short hours. Between the inspirational Survivors’ Victory Lap and the poignant Luminary Ceremony, there is almost too much to do. You have to make the most of the experience to get the true value out of it. Once you do, I guarantee you’ll become a Relay For Lifer, just like me!

Happy Relaying…and if you happen to be at the Toronto Central event, look for me. I’ll be at the sumo wrestling mat!