I am a new member of the Super Karate Monkeys. Since this was my first year on the team, I wanted to find a unique way to show my dedication. I believe if a person is excited and passionate about something, anything can happen. For that reason, I put together a Zumba Party fundraiser with the help of my instructor, Marija, and my classmate, Helen.

I have been taking Zumba classes for over two years with my instructor, Marija. Zumba is a high energy exercise combining great dance music and fun dance moves. My classmate, Helen, is participating in the Bike Rally for Aids and we were both interested in using Zumba to do some fundraising.

When we approached Marija about the possibility of having a Zumba Party fundraising event, she was delighted to assist. She also offered to contribute a free voucher for her class to all participants. Since I am passionate about Zumba and Relay, I thought it would be a great combination. When I mentioned the idea to my teammates, they were also excited.

Thanks to the help of Marija and Helen to rent the facility and organize the instructors, the Zumba Party was a huge success. It was a great opportunity for friends to come together to fight back, exercise and have lots of fun. We wanted to have a fun-filled evening that would bring health benefits for all participants while raising funds to fight back against cancer. We also made it a glow-in-the-dark Zumba Party to create a more relaxed environment because most participants were new to Zumba.

All-in-all, I am very happy with the fundraising event. The Super Karate Monkeys raised over $400 and it was so much fun. Once again, I believe anyone can put together an event if there is determination and passion to succeed.