scratch card front

Our Scratch & Give cards were developed to help participants reach minimum $100 fundraising goals. Friends and family are invited to scratch out one or more spots on the card and donate that amount. Each completed card raises $100! Here are some ways you and your team members can complete your Scratch & Give cards in no time:

Game on!
•Turn the scratch card into a week-long game by asking 5 people to scratch one circle a day.
•When you tally up at the end of the week, ask if they’ll pledge you the total rounded up to the nearest 5.

Scratch what you pay
•Hold a team garage sale and invite patrons to pay whatever amount they scratch.

Keep score
•Post the scratch card somewhere central at work, and have colleagues scratch a circle anytime they say unwanted work lingo (e.g. “out of the box”)
•Determine how much money goes in the “swear jar” at home by scratching a circle.

Kid around
•The $1, $5 and $10 increments of each circle are ideal to teach children the importance of fundraising.
•Let children take a Scratch & Give card to a family event or pledge children each time they complete a chore.

Engage a survivor
•Invite a survivor in your life to be our guest at Relay For Life.
•Couple a survivor reception invitation with a Scratch & Give card, letting them know there are ways they can further engage in the event.

Double or Nothing
•Ask a potential donor to scratch any circle on the card and whatever amount they reveal, bet them double or nothing. If on their second scratch they reveal the same value, you are responsible for self-pledging that amount. If the second scratch reveals a different value, they have to donate the combined amount of both scratches.

Three’s a charm
•Circulate a scratch card among family or friends, and play a game of “Scratch three to pledge me!”

Scratch & Share
•Encourage team members to support each other: “You scratch my card and I’ll scratch yours!”

Reward completed cards
•Have team members add their name to completed cards and hold a draw on event night for a special prize.