At the time of this writing, Relay For Life Toronto Central is 50 days away (I know this because I have the Relay app on my phone – you should get it too!). This is a great time to start talking about the final push to reach your fundraising goal.

The first thing I do is determine how much more I need to reach my goal and divide it by the number of days left until the event. I’ve always enjoyed looking at statistics. In fact, 78% of people pretend to enjoy looking at statistics.

This year, I’ve set a lofty goal of $2,500 and I’ve raised $1,228 so far, meaning I have to raise $25.44 per day for the next 50 days in order to reach my goal.

Here’s my strategy:

1. I’m not going to be shy about letting people know that I’m participating in Relay. I have added a tag line to my work signature so everybody I send an email to knows where they can donate (but I’m not pressuring them into it).


        I’ve also put a little note in office communicator with similar details.Image

2. I’ll encourage small donations. A lot of people don’t donate simply because they can’t afford $20 and are worried they’ll look cheap if they donate anything less. This is far from true. The Canadian Cancer Society has made a great video called the Power of One that shows just how important small steps are. If each one of my friends donated $5.00 to me, I’d have raised $12.50 (that’s right, I have two friends and know a third person that is still on the fence) but if everybody that I’ve mentioned Relay to donated just $2.00, I’ll exceed my goal.

3. I’m going to sell snacks. One of our team members suggested we go to Costco and pick up items to make goody bags. You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t normally donate but are willing to sign over most of their paycheque to purchase an afternoon treat. This also allows me to put a Super Karate Monkey sticker on the bag and spread the word even more.

And, if I end up with extra snacks I’m sure I can find a good home for them.

Good luck in your fundraising and how many goody bags can I put you down for?