Here I am at our Minute to Win It team fundariser

Here I am at our Minute to Win It team fundraiser

I Relay for my husband and my two children. I want to live a long healthy life with them. However, the reality is that cancer is all around us, regardless of how we live our lives. I lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer, my grandfather to bone cancer and my uncle to lung cancer, all in their sixties. I witnessed my loved ones suffer horrifically from all kinds of cancer, so I Relay for them. Knowing that cancer is in my genes and all around us makes me want to support all efforts to find a cure.

I Relay for my close relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer and continue to fight the battle. I Relay for my friends who are fighting cancer with their young children by their sides. In my university years, I lost a very dear friend who was only 38 with a teenage daughter to cancer. She was a fighter and gave me inspiration to live life to the fullest. One of my family friends, a mother of two, was also taken way too young by cancer, leaving behind twin boys. I also Relay for all my friends who have parents or siblings suffering from cancer. Some are experiencing the debilitating effects of the disease right now.

I am so thankful that I met the members of Super Karate Monkeys last year through my friend, Lucy. Lucy and I met six years ago when our oldest sons were just six weeks old. We have become great friends over the years. I know her story and why she Relays and I wanted to support her and her team. Last year, when I witnessed Lucy and the Super Karate Monkeys in fundraising action, I was amazed by their dedication and devotion to Relay For Life. It became clear to me once I saw their hard work and fun-spirited fundraising efforts, that I wanted to join this amazing team! I believe I have the energy and enthusiasm to help raise funds and awareness in support of the fight against cancer with my fellow teammates.