NEW RFL Scratch Card!

Sometimes it is easier to reach a specific fundraising goal by breaking it down into smaller parts. You can raise $100 quickly by using one of these easy ideas:

• Pick-up a new Relay scratch card at your local office. Invite supporters to scratch off one or more of the circles on the card that will reveal the amount of money they’ll donate. The card is a creative tool to help you ask for donations and it makes giving fun for your donors!
• Place a donation jar on your desk at work, or better yet, an empty water bottle. If you fill a standard size water bottle with dimes and it amounts to about $100!
• 10 for 10 – Ask 10 friends to contribute $10 each!
• Take a walk around your neighbourhood. Knock on doors and ask for their support. It’s a great way to connect with your neighbours and talk to them about your reasons to Relay.