Sarah and I met at a mom's group.  Here are our two (adorable!) sons.

Sarah and I met at a mom’s group. Here are our two (adorable!) sons.

Everything starts with an ASK. Whether it’s asking supporters for a donation or asking potential fundraisers to join your team.

I’ve been Relaying for 13 years and am generally timid about making these ‘asks’. I don’t want to make friends feel obligated to donate, although they do so because they believe in the cause. So far my supporters have been wonderful. I’m sure they just wait for my annual “it’s that time of year” email.

As generous as my supporters have been there is still room for more. The Super Karate Monkeys have always been a small but mighty group. Hear us roar (yes, we’re roaring monkeys). This year I felt it was time to expand. We needed new energy and to up our game.

After being motivated by the Power of One message, I decided to take the plunge. I asked a good friend of mine to join the team and she said, “YES!”

She’s dynamic, she has a big heart, she commits 110% to whatever she participates in and she can throw a mean kid’s birthday party. Perfect for a 75th Anniversary, don’t you think? Although the SKMs have grown by one, her presence has rejuvenated each of us.

Since joining, Sarah is close to being our top fundraiser. She single-handily organized a new Zumba fundraiser – “Zumbady to Love.” You can’t ask for more from a teammate. Not only has she already raised hundreds for the fight against cancer but is committed to help us raise thousands to beat this disease. So now introducing our newest Monkey…