SKM daffs (2)

Some people look to Groundhog Wiarton Willie for signs of spring, but I prefer a more reliable sign – Daffodil Month – to celebrate the end of winter.

Each year, I look forward to purchasing my daffodil pin – my symbol of hope. I proudly wear it throughout the month of April. Not only does it make an excellent fashion accessory but it entices people to ask me about the daffodil and what it means to me. And I’m never shy about using the opportunity to talk about the Canadian Cancer Society and the Super Karate Monkeys.

As Dave has written, the Super Karate Monkeys held a number of fundraisers last year – our “Games’ Night” and our special “60 Seconds to Victory” (a.k.a. Minute to Win It.) For each, we decided to present our supporters with a gift of thanks.

For the first event, we gave cookies in the shape of “RFL.” Nothing says thank you like food! For the latter event, we felt the most meaningful way to show our appreciation was to make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society and present each participant with a daffodil pin. All of our event participants appreciated this gesture and it made for a great photo opportunity. Our supporters never expect anything in return for their participation, but the reaction was positive and heartwarming. Each person who attended has their own reasons why they support the Canadian Cancer Society so wearing the daffodil is a nice reminder.

So, please join me and the Super Karate Monkeys this April to create a movement to show people living with cancer that they are not alone by wearing a daffodil pin.