I mentioned in an earlier post that the Super Karate Monkeys held three team fundraising events in 2012. In that post, I told you about our famous garage sale. In this post, I want to talk about Board Games Night and 60 Seconds to Claim Victory (an event similar to Minute to Win It but renamed based on advice from our extensive team of lawyers).

Board Games Night is just as it sounds. We invited a group of friends over and suggested they make a donation of $5.00 each to play board games for the night. We held the event at Alison’s house and provided appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. I suggested we provide lots of alcoholic beverages and then just keep asking the guests for their $5.00 donations. I was overruled.

The night started with a spirited game of Name that Tune involving all guests. Lucy was the master of ceremonies, providing extra points if the teams could sing the song or, even more valuable, demonstrate dance moves. I did not participate in the dancing for fear of losing points for my team. Despite my best efforts my dancing has been described as the graceless staggering of an elephant seal with an inner ear disorder.

After Name that Tune ended we awarded dollar store trophies to the winning team. It was then time to break off and let the more intense gaming begin. We had four stations set up and allowed guests to pick a game and anybody who wanted to join the game could. We were lucky that it worked out and we didn’t end up with one guest in the corner playing Candy Land by himself.

Board Games Night was fun, easy to arrange and most guests ended up donating $20.00 so it ended up being a successful team fundraiser.

60 Seconds to Claim Victory was a little more involved in setting up but well worth the effort. The Minute to Win It website has a list of all the games played on the show along with instructions and required items. As long as you have 72 ping pong balls, a gross of popsicle sticks, toilet paper, paperclips, safety pins, golf balls, cotton balls and a group that is willing to look ridiculous, you should be fine.

We held this event in a condominium party room. This gave us more space and also kept everybody on the same floor so if something exciting was happening, everybody could see. We also provided appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages at this event. Maybe our friends just like to eat.

Tickets cost 50 cents each and each game cost one ticket. Any players who completed a challenge within a minute got entered in a draw for door prizes at the end of the night.

We set up four stations so we could have more than one person playing at a time but not so many that people were too widely spread out. A lot of the fun was in watching people complete the challenges. There’s nothing quite the same as watching a friend try to shake seven ping pong balls out of a tissue box strapped to her back. Or, if it’s intense concentration you want, try stacking six dice on a popsicle stick while it’s gripped between your teeth.

We had a great group of people come out and the event had a great mix of fun and competition. And, almost everyone went home with a door prize and a ping pong ball (we had to get rid of them somehow!).