Kyle D

It was just another ordinary day at work.  I was talking with the same people and doing my regular duties, until something slightly different happened.  When lifting a box, I struck my groin area and felt an unusual pain. Being stubborn, I tried to shrug it off and continue my work. Days went by, and the pain increased. I finally gave in and went to the doctor to get tests done. 

I remember May 2, 2008 like it was yesterday. After being told I had testicular cancer, I was in shock. Disbelief ran through me. I wondered “Could my doctor be mistaken?” I thought “I’m too young. I’m only 24 years old! I’m healthy, I don’t smoke or drink, this cannot be happening to me!”  This was just the beginning of my journey with cancer.      

I didn’t know much about testicular cancer, so I went online to the Canadian Cancer Society’s website to research my diagnosis to better educate myself. The information I found on, helped me feel much more confident with my diagnosis and what the future held for me. 

Three weeks after my diagnosis, I had surgery to remove my right testicle. It was a relief, as I was in an enormous amount of pain and discomfort.  For the remainder of the summer, I thought cancer was behind me.

About three months after the tumor was removed, I began experiencing pain in my lower back. I went back to the doctor and had more tests, only to learn the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in my lower back. At first, I was frustrated that I had to battle cancer again. However, I remained very optimistic with my prognosis and told myself that if I beat it once, I can beat it again.  I underwent nine weeks of chemotherapy at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.  When going through chemotherapy I experienced various side effects. I was nauseous, tired, and I lost my hair.  With the help and support of my family and friends I got through the chemotherapy. In December 2008, I learned I was cancer-free.

Looking back on my life when I was battling cancer, I realized that I received a great deal of support, so I wanted to give back and return the favour. This is why I decided to volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society. I’m involved in many aspects of the organization’s work. I help out in the clinics at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre and use my experiences to help others through the Society’s Peer Support service.

In 2011, I joined the Relay For Life Steering Committee for the Windsor and Lasalle area. In this role, I help organize and run local Relay For Life events. Money raised through these events helps the Canadian Cancer Society do so much! From patient transportation to research, to prevention, advocacy, information and support for people living with cancer.