What is Installment Giving?
 Installment giving is a new option we are excited to introduce this year that allows your friends and family to support you at Relay For Life by donating in multiple, monthly installments instead of a one-time pledge.

How does it work?
 If a donor chooses the monthly installment option, their total donation is divided up among the monthly duration they choose and their credit card will be charged each month until complete. The donor will receive an e-receipt for each installment gift.

What are the benefits?
Many donors will be more likely to increase the size of their total gift if they can pay for the donation over a period of time. Installment giving also offers payment flexibility to donors. 

When will installment donations show up on the thermometer on my personal page?
Only the actual money received will be reflected on your personal fundraising page (i.e. your thermometer does not show the total amount of the pledge until it’s completely paid).

Try it out!!
 Kick start your 2013 fundraising efforts with a self-pledge using the new installment giving option! Consider making a monthly self-pledged donation of $15 (the equivalent of a couple of days of lunch money!) between now and your Relay. You will contribute up to $120 to your fundraising goal and show your teammates, friends and family the big impact that a small monthly donation can make.